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Hormonal (2023)

Dir. Maz Murray
DoP Aaron Shrimpton
Producer Charlie Hurst

The Road Above (2020)

00:08:00 Running time


A mother and father embark on a road trip across the altiplano of Bolivia.

Director, DoP, Editor: Charlotte Hurst

Mother's Apricot Compote (2020)

00:20:00 Running time

Director: Nia Ferocki. DoP: Charlotte Hurst.

By Your Side (2020)

00:08:45 Running time

Two estranged Lithuanian sisters reunite in a London flat overlooking the river Thames. Old wounds resurface in their attempt to rekindle connection.

Director: Ginte Regina. DoP: Charlotte Hurst.

Sweet Tooth (2019)

00:12:00 Running time

Director, DoP: Charlotte Hurst.

(Dirt as a Matter) (2019)

00:10:00 Running time 

Director: Sid Smith. DoP: Charlotte Hurst.

Intentional Binding excerpt (2018)

00:03:00 Running time

Director: Taylor Doyle. DoP: Charlotte Hurst.

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